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Connect with us to discover possibilities for your roof and your home. We give you the information to decide what’s right for you and the maintenance and preservation of your sanctuary.

Preserve Roofing Providing Possibilities

About Us

Your home is your sanctuary. Preserve Roofing treats it that way. We take the time to understand your needs. We use the best materials installed by the best craftspeople. We don’t waste your time knocking on your door after a storm.

What we do offer is a variety of unique solutions for your home’s needs. Our consultative approach lets you decide what’s right for your home and situation. We’ll share our observations, show you pictures, listen to your needs, and present possibilities to maintain and preserve your roof. You’re in control of how you want to care for the asset that matters the most. Let us know the best way we can serve you.

Why choose Preserve Roofing?

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Preserve Roofing

Complementary roof assessment


Roof maintenance


Roof cleaning


Leak repairs


Shingle rejuvenation


Extend roof life up to 15 years!


Custom replacement


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Leak Repair

Some roof leaks require a simple patch rather than a replacement.

Roof Replacement

When your roof reaches the end of its service life, we offer many replacement options.

Exterior Remodeling

Your roof is just the beginning of your exterior upgrade.

Custom Gutters

Gutter systems and covers enhance the beauty of your home while extending the life of your roof and foundation.


Extend the life of your roof with regular maintenance. Fixing small issues helps avoid future problems.

Shingle Rejuvenation

Shingles get dry and brittle over time. Roof Maxx rejuvenation rehydrates them and restores flexibility.

Roof Cleaning

Cleaning both makes your roof look and perform better over time by removing algae that causes rot.

Free roof inspection

We get on your roof, document what we see, and bring it back to you. You decide what options are best.

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